We are a different kind of clothing store!

One that caters to people with special needs.
One that combines a sense of style with an eye for quality.
One that cares about each customer.
Discover simplicity at Independent You, Cincinnati’s first special needs clothing and accessories store. We carry an extensive line of living enhancements for seniors, people with disability, and others seeking to ease their lifestyle. Be it wash-and-wear or adaptive clothing, handy aids for daily tasks, or a thoughtful gift, Independent You has it all under one roof.

No longer feel disappointment and regret when you open your special needs order from a catalog or medical supplier. At Independent You, we have the merchandise on hand, along with the personal service and attention you deserve.

We offer a full range of selections that promote independence and confidence. Independent You is owned and operated by two experienced, former health care social workers. We know first hand how difficult it is to find quality special needs items, so we’re eager to assist in every possible way. If you live in the Cincinnati area, do stop in. And if not, browse and shop through our online shop, or email us to find what your looking for. We’ll be glad to ship any order large or small, to your neck of the woods. We’re sure you’ll like what you see…!